Answers to Book 1 Extra Problems

1.     [pmath]2/3[/pmath]                                     6.     [pmath]9/10[/pmath]

2.     [pmath]4/4[/pmath] =  1                            7.     [pmath]0/3[/pmath] =  0

3.     [pmath]1/5[/pmath]                                     8.     [pmath]18/21[/pmath]

4.     [pmath]7/8[/pmath]                                    9.     [pmath]12/32[/pmath]

5.     [pmath]2/7[/pmath]                                 10.     [pmath]6/9[/pmath]

  Word Problems

11.     [pmath]5/8[/pmath]   of the pizza has been eaten.

12.     [pmath]3/8[/pmath]   of the pizza remains uneaten.

13.    [pmath]5/10[/pmath]   of the birds were scrub jays.

14.    [pmath]3/12[/pmath]   of the hits were triples.

15.    [pmath]8/12[/pmath]   of the hits were singles and doubles.

16.    [pmath]4/16[/pmath]   of the times he batted he did not get a hit.

17.    [pmath]16/24[/pmath]  is the fraction of each day that Xavier is awake.

18.    [pmath]4/12[/pmath]   of one dozen eggs Jose and Maria have for breakfast.

19.    [pmath]52/88[/pmath]   of the keys on a piano are white.

20.   [pmath]5/7[/pmath]   is the fraction of the days of the week that you go to school.

21.    [pmath]15/60[/pmath]   is the fraction of one hour that Kayla studies in 15 minutes.

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