Book 2 Extra Problems

1. Twelve students applied for an award, but only one-fourth of them received one. How many students received an award?

_________ students

2. At a certain school, two-thirds of the students ride the school bus every day. What fraction of the students DON’T ride the school bus?


3. One-sixth of the cars in a parking lot are Fords, and two-sixths of the cars are Toyotas. What fraction of the cars is neither a Ford nor a Toyota?


4. See the previous problem. If two-thirds of the Toyotas in the lot are vans, what fraction of all the cars in the lot is Toyota vans?


5. Three-fourths of the animals in a certain zoo are mammals, and one-twelfth of the mammals are big cats. What fraction of all the animals in this zoo are big cats?


6.   A certain recipe calls for two-thirds  cup of sugar to make twelve cookies. If you want to make twenty-four cookies, how much sugar do you need?

_________ cups

7.  See the previous problem.  If the same recipe calls for one-half teaspoon of vanilla, how much vanilla should you add to make thirty-six cookies?

__________ teaspoons

8. A bowl of candy m&m’s contains both chocolate m&m’s and peanut m&m’s. If two-fifths of the m&m’s are chocolate and three-fifths of the chocolate m&m’s are red, what fraction of all the m&m’s in the bowl are red chocolate m&m’s?


9. See the previous problem. If one fifth of the peanut m&m’s is yellow, what fraction of all the m&m’s in the bowl is yellow peanut m&m’s?


10. See the previous two problems. What fraction of all the m&m’s in the bowl is neither red chocolate m&m’s nor yellow peanut m&m’s?



To check your answers, go to Answers to Book 2 Extra Problems

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