Book 3 Extra Problems

1a. 5 X 10 =                                      1b. 10 X 75 =

1c. 10 X 1,000 =                             1d. 103 X 100 =

1e. 500 X 100 =                              1f.   40 X 40 =

1g. 100 X 27 =                                 1h. 100 X 207 =

1i. 1,000 X 80,000 =                     1j.   70 X 70 =

  1. There are 5 players on a basketball team. If ten games are being played in a big gymnasium, how many players are on the courts? (Be careful!)
  1. If Jennifer saves $10 every month, how much money will she have after one year?
  1. In a certain school there are 30 classrooms. If there are 20 students in each classroom, what is the total number of students in this school?
  1. A standard piano has 88 keys. If a warehouse has 30 pianos in it, what is the total number of keys on all the pianos?
  1. If each new box of toothpicks contains 200 toothpicks, how many toothpicks are there in 20 new boxes?
  1. There are 12 eggs in one dozen. If four people share the eggs equally, how many eggs does each person get?
  1. Suppose we start with one dozen eggs. Egbert eats 3 eggs and Tamyra eats 2 eggs. Write an equation that shows what fraction of the eggs is eaten. (Hint: The denominator is 12.)


  1. Refer to the previous problem and write an equation that shows what fraction of the dozen eggs is left over.


  1. In the school orchestra there are two tubas, four trumpets, and four trombones. What fraction of these instruments is trumpets?
  1. Refer to the previous problem. What fraction is tubas?
  1. In a certain bakery, 3/4 of the sweet rolls are cinnamon buns, and 2/3 of these cinnamon buns contain pecans. What fraction of the sweet rolls in this bakery is cinnamon buns with pecans?



To check your answers, go to Answers to Book 3 Extra Problems

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