Book 1 Extra Problems


1.    [pmath]1/3[/pmath]  +   [pmath]1/3[/pmath]   =                          6.     [pmath]5/10[/pmath] +   [pmath]4/10[/pmath] =

2.    [pmath]3/4[/pmath]  +   [pmath]1/4[/pmath]   =                         7.    [pmath]2/3[/pmath] –   [pmath]2/3[/pmath] =

3.    [pmath]2/5[/pmath]  –   [pmath]1/5[/pmath]   =                          8.     [pmath]12/21[/pmath] +   [pmath]6/21[/pmath] =

4.    [pmath]5/8[/pmath]  –   [pmath]2/8[/pmath]   =                          9.     [pmath]18/32[/pmath] –   [pmath]6/32[/pmath] =

5.    [pmath]5/7[/pmath]  –   [pmath]3/7[/pmath]   =                         10.     [pmath]2/9[/pmath] +   [pmath]4/9[/pmath] =

Word Problems

  1. A pizza is cut into 8 equal-sized pieces. George eats two pieces and Lorraine eats three pieces. What fraction of the pizza has been eaten?


  1. What fraction of the pizza remains uneaten?


  1. One morning Chaunesty counted all the birds in her yard. There were three mockingbirds, five scrub jays and two ibises. What fraction of the birds was scrub jays?


  1. Alfa is a good baseball player. In four games he hit 1 home run, 3 triples, 2 doubles and 6 singles. What fraction of his hits was triples?


  1. Look at the previous problem. What fraction of Alfa’s hits was singles and doubles taken together?


  1. Look at problem 14. If Alfa batted a total of 16 times in these four games, what fraction of the time did he NOT get a hit?


  1. If Xavier sleeps 8 hours at night, and doesn’t take a nap during the day, what fraction of the time is he awake? Remember, there are 24 hours in one day.


  1. Jose and Maria eat two eggs each for breakfast. What fraction of one dozen eggs do they eat together? Remember, one dozen is the same as twelve.


  1. There are 88 keys on a piano. 36 of them are BLACK. What is the fraction of WHITE keys on a piano?


  1. What fraction of the number of days in one week do you go to school? Remember, there are seven days in one week.


  1. If Kayla studies her math 15 minutes each night, what fraction of one hour does she study? Remember, one hour is the same as 60 minutes.

To check your answers, go to Answers to Book 1 Extra Problems

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